Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get this Clickbank software free

Have you heard of CB Surge? Figured you could use it with all the affiliate marketing stuff you do with Clickbank. It's free.

Click here to download your free copy

Install it in your FireFox browser and go to the Clickbank Marketplace. You'll be amazed at what you see!

One cool thing it does it tell you whether a product is worth promoting with SEO traffic.

Promoting any product with SEO traffic will always convert into more sales when the visitors are searching for the "product name keyword". It's no secret... The visitor is already in the buying mode! But the problem with this is knowing WHICH products are worth spending your time doing the SEO work for.

And we all know there are tons of affiliate marketing tools out there... But the problem with these tools are they do TOO MANY things and are super-clunky...

... and they don't do 1 specific function extremely well. The 1 specific function I'm referring to is the simple act of showing you how competitive any product-name keyword is. (i.e. how difficult OR easy it will be to rank that product name keyword in Google)

Anyway, watch the video at the link below and grab the free software!

Get your free copy here and enjoy this one!

When you are in the members area, watch for the OPTIONAL upgrade offer that allows you to get YOUR affiliate links on 16,000+ Clickbank marketplace products!

That’s the offer I took because I know it will benefit me for years to come.

The FREE version is worth $47+ on it’s own...

Would you like to get this free tool working for you? Simply go to the web page and download your copy today.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making money online with CashCrate

I am sure a lot of people like to make money online from home. But, most of them do not know how to start and find it difficult. One way of making money online is to participate in the free offers and complete surveys. And CashCrate is one site that you can consider.

How does CashCrate work?
With CashCrate, you do not have to pay money to join when you sign up at the web site and they credit $1 into your account. You can immediately begin completing offers and earning a paycheck. Top companies, like Walmart, iTunes and several other companies pay lots of money to reach potential customers by offering their products and services for free. When you complete one of these offers, companies pay CashCrate for your participation and CashCrate then forwards a large percentage of the received earnings to you.

How do I get paid?
They will send a check to your living address once you have accumulate a minimum amount of $20. You can reach $20 within an hour of signing up. You usually receive the check in the first 10 days of the month. So if you earn $20 in May, CashCrate will send you a check by mail between the 1st and 10th of June.

Getting Referrals
If you are making money with CashCrate, why not tell your friends and relatives about the CashCrate program so that they can earn some money online too. CashCrate members earn 20% of the cash from offers your first level referrals make and 10% of the money their referrals make, meaning you profit when other people complete offers. In addition, you will also get a $3 bonus when your referrals make their first $10.00.

In summary, CashCrate is a good site to earn money. So start making money by clicking the below button.